>Welcome to The terminal!_

>Neocities, the one website who helped me make this site!_

>Site is undone! So expect undone things!_

Loading bootload.ini...


Booting up NeoOS...




login: root

password: (REDACTED)

Sucssesfully logged in!

>run notepad.exe_

Notepad: Ok, we are here to talk about linux terminals, windows terminals (yeah i'm trying to change the background color aaaand it dosen't work. So might aswell leave it like that until i know how to) so... what ive learned from Linux terminals (also from BSD ones) is that you have to login like that on bootup (without the graphical interface) is that you type in sh, then login and it gives you this: "login:" if you don't have an account you login as "root" If you have one, then login as your account. I think that's enough for today, see ya later!

>run savenote.exe_

Saving text...